Briquette charcoal production

Inauguration ceremony of the factory

The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoAREC&N) in partnership with Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperatives (OCFCU) has successfully piloted three charcoal briquette production factories with clean carbonizer in Oromia region, Bale zone Berbere woreda by a fund obtained from Cord aid.

Open burning of coffee husk in the area

The three factories have a total production capacity of 1.2 ton per hour and an efficient carbonizer that convert up to 70% of the husk to char and free of emission of GHG gasses.

Packed briquette charcoal

The action created job opportunities for local women and youths. 120 youth and women were organized as a business enterprise and started businesses in the factories for the production and dissemination of the briquette for the local community.

Carbonized husk/biochar

The action avoids open burning of coffee husk in the area and reduces environmental pollution, replaces the use of biomass and wood charcoal for cooking, and reduces deforestation and creates access to green charcoal for the local community.

Briquette on burning