HoAREC’s Executive Director, Dr. Mekuria Argaw, leads and delegates the work of HoAREC.

Dr. Mekuria Argaw

Dr. Mekuria Argaw is an Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Addis Ababa University. He has specialized in Ecology and Environmental Resources Management. Dr. Mekuria has received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Forestry Science and Management, and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Natural Resources Management. He teaches post graduate courses, among others, integrated watershed management, land degradation and rehabilitation, biodiversity management, climate change adaptation and mitigation, advanced research method, environmental impact assessment at the Center for Environmental Science in Addis Ababa University. He advises and mentors MSc and PhD students from Addis Ababa University and University of South Africa (UNISA program). Dr. Mekuria has done extensive research and published over 30 scientific articles as author and co-author in scientific journals. Publications are mainly on watershed and landscape processes such as deforestation and water erosion, reservoir sedimentation, nutrient loss and distribution in an agricultural landscape, nitrogen and phosphorous toxicity (eutrophication), soil organic carbon management, vegetation degradation and biodiversity loss, land restoration, biodiversity and ecosystem services, dry land seed ecology. Dr. Mekuria has been serving as editor and reviewer of national and international journals (e.g., SINET, AJE, STOTEN, etc..).