A yearly General Assembly composed of endogenous Civil Society Organisation’s (CSO’s, including NGOs and CBO’s) and academic and research institutions (ARIs) from the Horn of Africa countries is the governing body of HoAREC& N. And a Regional Council, with two representatives each from member countries, has the authority and mandate to administrate the HoAREN in line with the Network constitution.

HoA-REC&N legally represents the network and its operations are guided by:

  • An MOU developed by the Regional Council with the approval of the General Assembly
  • A 7 members’ board of Trustees – including the Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research, 3 Deans amongst the 6 Faculties and Colleges of AAU and 2 appointed members and the Executive Director of HoA-REC&N who serves as the secretary of the Board. The President of Addis-Ababa University (AAU) governs HoA-REC&N
  • The Executive Director of HoA-REC&N manages day-to-day operations