About Us

The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network- Addis Ababa University (HoA-REC&N-AAU) has been working towards uniting academia and practitioners to promote environmental conservation, natural resource management, while facilitating strengthening and advocating for sustainable development and environmental governance across the Horn of Africa.

Brief History

Initially, HoA-REC&N-AAU was initiated by the Faculty of Science in 2006. With the funding support of several international development partners mainly the Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Centre and Network have been working to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between organisations with environmental expertise, including NGO’s, CBO’s, research institutions and universities from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

In 2010, the University Senate established HoA-REC&N-AAU as an autonomous centre governed by a board of trustees chaired by the Vice President for Research and Graduate Program accountable to the President of the University. In the current structure of the University, it is placed under the office of the President.
Currently, the Network consists of more than 40 members, of which Ethiopia has the largest share of about 40 percent. The Network is constantly growing with environmental organisations from the Horn of Africa showing an interest to join.