HoAREC&N-AAU in collaboration with its partners has conducted training on community ecotourism development in CRV landscape.

Training was delivered to relevant local government office experts, representatives from kebele administration, cooperative members, youth and women groups   form Shashemene and Shalla weredas , West Arsi Zone, CRV.  As part of the  “ Integrated land use and community development project”, the HoAREC&N-AAU in partnership with  Arsi Nature Conservation and Environment Development Association (ANCEDA) organized a two day training workshop   at WondoGenet College of Forestry and Natural Resources on “Community  ecotourism development and management”  from November 29-30, 2022.

The training covered different topics mainly

  • Defining local community ecotourism
  • Ecotourism resources and its benefits
  • Identifying natural and cultural ecotourism resources available.
  • Community Ecotourism Development and Management
  • The role of relevant stakeholder in the development of community Ecotourism development.

A total of 35 participants attended the training.

The objectives of this two-day training were:

  • To increase the understanding of participants on Community Ecotourism development
  • To facilitate the sites selection for local ecotourism development surrounding the Jama-Urji areas and beyond.
  • To enhance the local capacity to manage the natural and cultural resources of the area