Conference Facilities

HoA-REC&N’s Headquarters, with its beautiful, eco-friendly building situated in the Gullele Botanic Garden, is an ideal place to host meetings, conferences, exhibitions, etc.  The centre has two meeting halls: Plenary Hall and Small (Oval) Room. The Plenary Hall can hold up to 250 participants, while the Small Room can hold 30-40 participants.

Small (Oval) Room
Plenary Hall



Conference Room Rental:

HoA-REC&N provides its conference facilities to partner organizations often for free. However, other interested organizations or groups also can use our conference facilities for various events; in which case, a service charge has to be paid to the centre.   The centre has a cafeteria, but the cafeteria does not provide any catering service. The organizers themselves shall contact another catering service provider if needed.   To book the conference hall and to know more about the service charge, call us: +251118968400 or send us an email at: