Message from HE. Mr.Omod Ojulu, President of the GPNRS about ILDP

Having integrated special land use for Ethiopia is an overdue exercise. The land use roadmap document shows details of what we have foregone by not having it. This has been realized in our region as of decades ago. The current negative climate change impact makes the issues even more urgent. Our region is heterogenic in both physical and social environments.  Any negative interference we do on one could do damage to many of the others.  This was why we wanted people-participatory and scientifically studied and planned Integrated Land Use and Development plans for our region, our three zones and for the Itang Special Woreda.  We were lucky to have Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network Addis Ababa University (HoAREC&N-AAU which accepted our request to develop the land use plan for the region. I highly appreciate and thank them for their considerations.

As we have been couching the planning process, livelihood-sector organized communities, renowned experts and steering committee members of our bureaus and relevant ministries participated in the development of the plans coherently.  The outcomes are very pleasing.  We know have integrated land use and development plans (ILDP) in excellent reports and explicated maps.  At this juncture, I would like to express my appreciation and endorsement of ILDPs and the commitment of my government for their implementation.  Though no Land Use Plan serves as a blueprint, the plan is elegant in that it is generated by using harmonized systems of approaches. The plans are developed in view of the coming twenty years with established milestones for each of the 4 consecutive phases.

On behalf of the peoples of the GPNRS, the Regional Council and myself, I would like to use this opportunity to thank the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Swedish International Development Agency for their generous financial support in the different phases of the plan development.  Without their support, these achievements could not have been realized. Yet, though the plans are completed, implementation will continue by preparing bankable projects in the next phases. In this regard, it is my sincere belief that their support will continue. Ministry of Agriculture and related ministries formed the federal level Steering and technical Committees were instrumental in the political and technical perfection of the plans. Their complementarity and support for the implementation of the CRGA agenda are immense.

Finally, I also would like to appreciate and thank Dr. Azene Bekele-Tesemma Professional Consulting Services that technically guided the study and the planning processes and the ILDP project coordinator Ato Wondwossen Girmay. I congratulate both for this excellent work. I assure all the collaborators of my government in this venture and assure each that my government will do everything possible for the respect of the plans and implementation of the plans.

Mr.Omod Ojulu

President of the GPNRS