HoA-REC&N Hosts a Meeting on Design Review of Addis Ababa’s Public Park Development

Group discussion during the review meeting of AA Parks Dev. Project

HoA-REC&N hosted a design review meeting of Addis Ababa Parks Development Project on 20 December 2016.  The meeting aimed at soliciting comments and feedback on a draft public park design programme for Addis Ababa.

In collaboration with HoA-REC&N and other stakeholders, Addis Ababa is planning to expand its open green spaces for recreation. It is expected that the city will open 116 public parks in the coming 3-5 years.

During the meeting, there were presentations on the status of public parks and the draft public park design, followed by a small group discussion. The meeting took place as part of the city’s plan to review studies and to consult professional and community representatives. Participants hailed from the Ethiopian Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Addis Ababa City Municipality, private design consulting firms, and HoA-REC&N.

Addis Ababa has experienced a significant decrease in its green space coverage over the last three decades. If the current trend continues, it is feared that Addis Ababa will lose the rest of its remaining green space. Addis Ababa City administration hopes to curb this threat through development of new parks and expansion of green space in various parts of city.