The HoAREC Board of Trustee applauded the Centre’s Progress and gave directions for strengthening the gains and progress towards becoming a regional centre of excellence

The Board of Trustee of the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre held its meeting on Thursday September 29, 2022.

Members of the Board of Trustee

During the 4th board meeting held at the Jacaranda Meeting Hall of the Addis Ababa Hilton Hotel, Dr. Mekuria Argaw, Executive Director of AAU-HoAREC&N, presented a comprehensive report on the organizational growth and an annual physical progress and financial report for FY2021. Dr. Mekuria also shared the key issues and challenges faced by the Center and the opportunities to capitalize on for the future growth of the organization as a HoA Environmental Hub. Additional working manuals of the Center have been endorsed by the board.

Presentation by Dr. Mekuria Argaw, Executive Director of AAU-HoAREC&N

The board listened to the presentations and applauded the efforts made by the leadership, management and staff of the Centre who have greatly contributed for the Centre’s achievements. The board also deliberated on various important issues, approved some guidelines and gave directions for further actions.

Board members had also ‘informal discussions’ during Coffee Break and visited the displays on accomplishments of the Centres’ Projects.