Ethiopian National Biodiversity Platform workshop Conducted

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) was established to improve the interface between Science and Policy issues of biodiversity and ecosystem Services. The platform is established following the 2010 resolution of the UN General Assembly and enacted after the plenary meeting organized by UNEP in 2012.

Currently, IPBES has 140 member countries. Each member country has an affiliated Governmental Organization that convenes IPBES activities. IPBES is working with each member country to establish its own National Biodiversity Platform (NBP) to enhance the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and improvement of Ecosystem Services. The IPBES also encourages the establishment of a Biodiversity Platform at sub-regional and regional levels. In line with this, a consortium led by the University of Bonn; Center for Development Research (ZEF) through ‘’Capacity Development on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for West, Central and East Africa’’ (CABES) project and financial support of German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is working on establishment and functionality of NBP in West, Central and East African countries. In this regard, Horn ofAfrica Regional Environment Center and Network (HoAREC&N), a member of the consortium and implementer partner of CABES project among other activities plans to establish NBP in 17 East African countries to apprehend integrating Science and Policy for the betterment of biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.

As one of CABES’s planned project activities implemented in Ethiopia, HoAREC&N is supporting the Ethiopia NBP which has more than 170 members consisting of policymakers, scientists and operators from government agencies, academia, research institutions, private sector, local communities, civil society organizations and development partners.

To this effect, HoAREC&N with the Ethiopian NBP secretariat organized a one-day workshop on 3rd September 2022. The workshop was started with a welcoming speech from Dr. Melese Mario (General Director of EBI). Dr. Misikir Tessema from EBI brief introduced the Guideline of NBP prepared by Ethiopian NBP. The draft 2015EC (2022/2023) annual work plan of the Ethiopian NBP was presented by Dr. Feleke Woldeyes (Deputy General Director of EBI and IPBES National Focal Point).  Dr. Mekuria Argaw also briefly presented an overview of the CABES Project.  After the presentations, the participants discussed all the presentations and revised and enriched the annual work plan.  The workshop was attended by Ethiopian NBP Executive Committee members comprised of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI), Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic-House of Representative Agriculture Standing Committee (EFDRI-HRASC), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Addis Ababa University (AAU), Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority (EEPA), Oromia Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA), Melka MahiBer(NGO) and representative of HoAREC&N as well as other stakeholders.