2017 CoCooN Annual Meeting Discussed Research Findings

HoA-REC&N took part in the 2017 annual CoCoon (Dutch abbreviation for Conflict and Cooperation in the Management of Climate Change—CCMCC) meeting that took place in Hague, the Netherlands, from 22-23 March. Attended by all CCMCC consortia including HoA-REC&N, the meeting sought, amongst others, to identify and share common research findings and refine stories and messages to inform and influence policy. HoAREC&N was represented at the meeting by Mr. Mekonnen Biru Hake, who is responsible for Co-Coon project at the centre.

Damot Mt. in Wollaita Soddo
Damot Mt. in Wollaita Soddo

Led by UNESCO-IHE, under the umbrella of CCMCC, the project has an objective, amongst others, to analyse the impacts of climate finance mechanisms on conflicts and cooperation, assess their dynamics and causes, and provide policy recommendations. It is implemented in Ethiopiaand Indonesia.

Themed as “Investing in land and water: turning new climate finance mechanisms into tools for cooperation,” the project obtains its funding from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the UK Department for International Cooperation (DFID).

HoA-REC&N works in close collaboration with Environment Coffee Forest Forum (ECFF), Ethiopia, to conduct the research at the national and local levels. The research is currently being undertaken in Humbo (Wollaita Soddo) and Bale areas in Ethiopia. The project will phase out at the end of 2017