Projects under Climate Change Programme

The Climate Change Programme at the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network (HoA-REC&N) aimed to increase the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa to the shocks of climate change, and mitigate against its impacts. By promoting sustainable and participatory interventions, building capacity and investing in research, the Programme sought to improve livelihoods and food security across the Horn of Africa, and support environmental conservation.

The Climate Change Programme at HoA-REC&N was formally established in 2010. It was created in response to research conducted in Ethiopia from February 2009 until March 2010 by HoA-REC&N and partners. The findings, documented in the report, “Failing Seasons, Ailing Societies: Climate Change and the Meaning of Adaptation in Ethiopia”, showed that the effects of climate change significantly increased the vulnerability of agricultural communities in Ethiopia by exacerbating food insecurity and ecosystem degradation.

The Programme had worked with partner organisations to implement projects in the South Omo zone, the Central Rift Valley and Gambella, where farmer and pastoralist livelihoods were/re under particular threat from the impacts of a changing climate. In order to enhance the adaptive capacity of these societies, the programmatic set up of the Climate Change Programme rested on technical innovation and institution building. T

he implementing partners were Action For Development (AfD), Global Teams for Local Initiatives (GTLI), the Nyangatom Woreda Office of Agriculture and Pastoral Affairs and Water and Energy, and Nyangatom Woreda Women and Children,  Arsi  Nature Conservation and Environmental Development Association (ANCEDA), Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organisation (RCWDO) and Soil and More Ethiopia PLC (private partner). The primary approach was to build upon existing local resources and social capital, as well as create greater gender balance.

Final report on the outcomes and achievements of the program  will be made available.