Water Allocation Plan Development

Understanding the challenges posed to water resources in the Ziway sub-basin of Ethiopia, Water Allocation Plan Development project of HoA-REC&N aimed to develop and pilot a socially equitable and economically viable water allocation plan that also recognized ecosystem water flow requirements.

The rationale for the implementation of this project was that the unsustainable water use happening in the Ziway Sub-Basin necessitated  improved understanding of water resources (water resource availability, utilization, and allocation), which would  lead to sustainable water governance. Putting a scientifically informed resource governance plan could alleviate uncontrolled use of resources. The design and implementation of a water allocation plan would rationalise the use of water resources between sectors and competing users within the sub-basin. In doing so, attempts would be made to mediate between conflicting economic interests and environmental requirements.

In this regard, the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre & Network (HoA-REC&N), Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) worked together with the Rift Valley Lakes Basin Authority and Oromia Regional State to make this a reality. The French Embassy in Ethiopia was funding the Water Allocation Plan Development Project.

The plan would help policymakers recognise changes in water resources and make decisions regarding water resource allocation, thereby avoiding future conflicts.  The project’s next phase is now being continued under HoA-REC&N by another project funded by the African Bank Groups.

Full report will be made available