Initiative Aims to Promote Arsi Mountains National Park


Members of OFWE and ASDA address participants of the Arsi Mountains National Park stakeholder consultative workshop on 30 September 2016

Aimed at raising awareness on the biodiversity and tourism potential of Arsi Mountains National Park, a stakeholder consultative workshop brought together 37 participants from various organizations. Held at Elily Hotel, Addis Ababa, on 30th September 2016, the meeting sought to foster partnerships to make Arsi Mountains National Park a competitive tourist destination.


The regional workshop was the first time to bring stakeholders from government, non-governmental organizations, media, and the international community together to discuss Arsi Mountains National Park. Specifically, the participants discussed community-based biodiversity conservation, tourism development and building sustainable livelihoods in and around the park. During the workshop, participants deliberated on successful experiences and best practices in communitybased biodiversity conservation and tourism development.

A major outcome of the workshop was the establishment of a regional taskforce that will strengthen collaboration among stakeholders to develop the park. The taskforce was further entrusted with the task to organise consultation workshops, foster partnership, collaboration and networking. They will also design a roadmap for action, identify donors interested in livelihood diversification and tourism, and try to involve famous athletes born and raised in Arsi Zone to advocate for Arsi Mountain National Park.

The workshop was organised by the Association for Sustainable Development Alternatives (ASDA), HoA-REC&N’s network member, and in collaboration with Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE)