Introducing HoA-REC&N Interim Executive Director

Pr. Negussie Retta, newly appointed Interim Executive Director of HoA-REC&N
Pr. Negussie Retta, the newly appointed Interim Executive Director of HoA-REC&N

We are happy to introduce Prof. Negussie Retta, the newly appointed Interim Executive Director of HoA-REC&N. Prof. Negussie replaces Dr. Araya Asfaw, who served as Executive Director of HoA-REC&N since it was founded in 2006. Prof. Negussie has a long and distinguished career at Addis Ababa University and has been involved with many research institutes.

Professor Negussie retta received his MSc and PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Sussex, UK, and was recruited as assistant professor in the Chemistry Department, Addis Ababa University, where he has been lecturing and advising research students for 17 years. He was the founder and initiator of the Centre for Food Science and Nutrition Centre, which offers graduate courses at MSc and PhD levels. He served the Centre, as a director, for three years. Before he assumed the position of dean of the College of Natural Sciences, he also initiated the Climate Science Centre, the African Centre for Disaster Risk Management, and the Institute for Climate and Environment Services to which he is still closely affiliated. He also served as the President of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia and as a member to several university-wide and country-wide climate and environment related committee. During his career, he has advised several MS and PhD students and has co-authored books and over 80 publications in-peer reviewed journals. He has received several grants and awards, including academic leadership and outstanding contribution to institutional building.