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Environment Conservation

HoA-REC&N aims to contribute to sustainable development and promote
better environmental governance and management in the Horn of Africa




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Environmental Governance

HoA-REC&N facilitates, strengthens and advocates for improved sustainable

development and better environmental governance across the Horn of Africa.

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Environmental Governance Programme

Aspires to improve environmental governance at global, regional, national and local levels …

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Climate Resilience Partnership Programme

Implements projects focusing on climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable energy…

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Sustainable energy, Carbon and Urban resilience

Aims to unite academia and practitioners to promote environmental conservation  across the HoA…

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Social Ecological Resilience Partnership Programme

Deals with ecosystem conservation and management and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems…

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HoA-REC&N names new Executive Director

Seyoum Leta (PhD)
Seyoum Leta (PhD)

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Seyoum Leta has been appointed as Executive Director for Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre and Network (HOARECN) as of 29 September 2017. Dr. Seyoum brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his more than 20 years of experience in environmental science and technology studies and management.

Currently, Dr Seyoum is serving as an associate professor at the Centre for Environmental Science, Addis Ababa University. Dr Seyoum received his PhD in Environmental Biotechnology from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; MSc in Science and Technology Policy (technology, environment and sustainable development) from StrathClyde University, UK and BSc in Biology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Read more


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African Landscapes Dialogue: The Art of Improving Africa’s future

Why are many development projects in Africa disjointed and lacking the vision of being part of a bigger system? This was a question that lingered in the minds of more than 130 community leaders, policymakers, researchers, and farmers that took part in the African Landscape Dialogue (ALD) from 7th to 10th March 2017 at the HoA-REC&N Headquarters in Addis Ababa. All participants had a common interest: to realize integrated landscape management in  Africa.

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