Introductory Meeting and Visit to HoAREC HQ by the Newly Appointed SIDA regional and bilateral section team mebers

On November 2, 2023, the newly appointed Head of the Sida Regional Development Cooperation for Sub-Saharan region, Mr. Joachim Beijmo, the Regional Program Manager, Mr. Ayele Kebede, the regional office Financial Controller, Mrs. Rahel Hailu, and the Manager of the Bilateral Development Cooperation Office of the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa, Mr. Girum Bahri, had visited the HoAREC Head Quarter, and also held introductory discussion with the HoAREC Executive Director and Program leaders, Finance Mangers and other team members of projects implemented by the HoAREC.

Presentations on the overall “Environmental Realities of the Horn of Africa region, its biodiversity resources and Conservation challenges” was made byProf.  Mekuria Argaw, and two other presentations, one on the HoA-ESR project by Mr. John Ajjugo, who is the regional program coordinator and another Mr. Wondowossen Girmay, on the ILDP program outputs, and a briefing on the current status and way forward was given by Dr. Azene Bekele, who is the lead consultant for the ILDP program. The discussion was very fruitful and opened an opportunity to learn about the progress of the projects and sharing ideas on the way forward.