Mrs. Joyce Engoke’s Expectation from the African Landscapes Dialogue

Mrs. Joyce Engoke, HoA-REC&N
Mrs. Joyce Engoke, HoA-REC&N

Mrs. Joyce Engoke (Kenyan) is a professional in Natural Resource Management, Community Mobilization, Environmental Education, Project Management and Resource Mobilization.

She has actively participated in Climate Change Adaptations Strategies & Education for Sustainable Development on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Joyce has over 20 years’ experiences in Nepal and Kenya. In Nepal, she was involved with REDD-Forestry and Climate Change Cell, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation. In this position as a Forestry and Climate Change Specialist she provided technical and managerial support to REDD+ so as to contribute towards policy for reducing deforestation and degradation of forests in Nepal. The other international role as an Education Livelihood Linkage Coordinator with VSO international in Nepal positively contributed to practical grassroots’ climate mitigations activities.

Joyce has worked with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in various progressive levels. Joyce has worked on Naivasha Landscape watershed with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Her current role is Regional Coordinator Horn of Africa Climate Change Programme with HoAREC&N,

Her Expectations from ALD:

“I expect to learn how other landscape initiatives have managed to achieve a balance between different competing resource uses. I want to understand the role of academic institutions coming out strongly in line with the evidence-based approach to ensure linkages between practices and policies. I would like to see improved networking with different organizations, projects, programmes and Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) initiatives and expand opportunities for sharing of knowledge, experiences and capacity building (globally, regionally and nationally). I want to learn new tools for designing successful ILM programmes /initiatives/ and projects, and to experience how opportunities and sharing of resources for the ILM initiatives as a ‘community of practice’ will be bringing unique experiences in this area. Furthermore, I would like to see the role of communities and civil society organizations involvement in productive engagement activities in landscape management activities in their localities in Africa.”

She can be contacted at:
T: +251(0)118-100925
M: +254(0) 947 886 960