Theme: Africa's Road to Paris

As the MDGs conclude in 2015, African states drafted the Common African Position (CAP) to coordinate the region’s development priorities for the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The CAP is infused with hope for a new paradigm whereby Africa is primarily responsible for its own development. Beyond the regional commitment to promote sustainable economic growth, many African states have already developed national climate resilient strategies.

For African states sustainable development is imperative to ensuring socio-economic growth without compromising its natural resources. Promoting regional climate diplomacy and translating climate data into strategies will enable policymakers to make informed decisions regarding natural resource management.

African states have the opportunity to use their comparative advantage to transform their core sectors by adopting green growth pathways. Achieving structural economic reform for Africa means enhancing energy access and boosting value additions through industrialization, manufacturing and processing of raw materials. To realize this, the continent will have to address its energy deficits by supporting regional integration via trade, transport, and technology transfer. Thus for African states, access to reliable and affordable energy services are fundamental to boosting economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving health.

This year, global partners will finalize the highly anticipated Sustainable Development Goals and in Paris - a new climate deal. The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center & Network (HoA-REC&N), the Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) and partners will organize the annual Addis Sustainable Development Summit (ASDS) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to facilitate regional dialogue and exchange of knowledge between state and non-state actors on all aspects of sustainable development. While the annual Delhi Sustainable Development Summit presents global perspectives, ASDS will focus on regional discussions on environment and sustainable development issues.

PERSPECTIVES: Equal Opportunities, Different Needs

In line with the African Union’s year of Women’s Empowerment and Development, ASDS will present perspectives of women, youth, and other non-state actors. A high-level discussion on the role of women and sustainable development will be convened on the thematic tracks.

A pre-conference, led by the Youth Negotiations on Climate Change Convention (YNCCC), will bring together other African Youth Initiatives on Climate Change to discuss the role of Africa’s Youth in climate.

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