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1. Background

The Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N) was initiated with support received from the Embassy of kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in 2006 at the Addis Ababa University as a regional institutional platform that could address the recurrent challenges of environmental degradation and help bridge the gaps by forging a working relationships between civil society organizations and higher learning and research institutes as well as engaging closely with the private sector and governments and advocate for sustainable environmental management practices in the Horn of Africa Region.

The HoA-REC&N by design was established having a Centre to coordinate and support a regional Network of civil society organizations, higher learning and knowledge institutions in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. As a bottom-up organization, the HoA-REC&N is a unique and the only environmental initiative in the Horn countries that addresses a multidisciplinary environmental governance and management through engagement of grassroots and involvement of multi-stakeholders: knowledge institutions, CSOs, private sectors, and NGOs that help civil society organizations and knowledge based institutions to work together, enabling knowledge institutes to bring specific knowledge to grassroots level based on demands from CSOs, stimulating practical environmental research and innovations.

Currently, the Centre is the secretariat of a network of 45 endogenous environmental civil society organizations and academic institutions drawn from the six partner countries. Capitalizing on the successes on the ground and lessons from past experiences and a recent organizational evaluation of HoA-REC&N (April ‘18-May ‘18), the Centre is in the process of reorganizing and strengthening itself as Regional Center for Excellence in order to (1) continue play a critical role as an effective regional convener on environmental management and sustainable development in the region; (2) provide institutional platform and build strategic partnerships through networking thereby facilitating and stimulating civil society, knowledge institutions and the private sector to play an active role in environmental governance and sustainable development processes in the Horn of Africa; (3) create opportunities for multidisciplinary, and multi-sectoral involving multi stakeholders programmatic research and innovation activities, and inspire governments and communities in the Horn of Africa to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations; and (4) serve as a knowledge resource centre and think tank plat form for regional environmental research and innovation as well as for influencing government policies and strategies in the region.

The proceedings of the Way Forward Workshop -as part of the evaluation-, affirmed the Centre to become mainly be a Centre of Excellence. This would imply the re-organizing and capacitating of  the Centre of Excellence for environmental governance and management in the Horn countries. Practically, this would allow for visibility and outreach of HoA-REC&N with: i) full utilization of the existing special eco-design building of the Centre-Network hosted within the Gullele Botanic garden; and, ii) development and optimizing a dynamic Regional database (platform and digital store housing) allowing for communication and information exchange; research, learning and innovation; capacity building; events; policy influencing and advocacy. Towards this, a Program Implementation Unit and Senior Program Manager (in a Centre with a secretariat function) needs to be in place, as reflected in this ToR.

During the Way forward Workshop, the Regional Council and Centre further agreed that the Centre would host a yet to be established ‘Regional Coordination Unit’, representing the Horn of Africa Regional Network, where the implementation and continuity of the organization lies. Concretely, this would imply the establishment of the Regional Coordination Unit led by a Regional Network Coordinator in position and resourced to take up its role and task. The Regional Coordination Unit would lift the network to a higher level and synergize, support the NFPOs and country chapters on action planning, implementation, funding opportunities, learning and exchange. This is pillar of HoA-REC&N as represented in this ToR

HoA-REC&N mission is to contribute to transparency, sustainability and Horn integration, implementing (regional) programs that build resilience to climate change, promote clean energy solutions, landscape restoration and water resources management and strengthen environmental governance and management in Horn of Africa Region. HoA-REC&N fulfills its mission by promoting cooperation among network members, civil society organizations, the academia, governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses and other stakeholders, and by supporting the free exchange of information, knowledge, innovation and public participation.

The HoA-REC headquarter office is situated in an eco-friendly building in Gullele Botanical Garden, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is now serving as an inspiring ‘green’ space for the Centre and the Network to meet, organize events and work together. For more information on HoA-REC&N please visit: http://www.hoarec.org/

2. The Position

The Horn of Africa Regional Environmental Centre in collaboration with DGIS, MoFA-NL seeks to recruit a dynamic Manager of Operations on a consultancy basis who will be part of HoA-REC Management Team and will involve in ensuring that good quality financial and administrative systems are established and maintained. He/she will be responsible for providing backstopping to the overall operations management as well as providing strategic guidance to programs/project officers and or teams. The job holder will report to the Executive Director. He/she will also closely work with relevant Centre and Network Units. This position will be based at the HoA-REC Headquarter in Addis Ababa but it may require frequent travel throughout Horn of Africa region.

3. Responsibilities

· Facilitate effective financial management and the effective application of the SAP based financial management systems for HoA-REC Centre of Excellence;

· Provide and facilitate results based programs/projects financing and management for country/regional project officers and financial management personnel;

· Ensure prudent, accountable and efficient utilization of finances; ensure strict application of the automated SAP system;

· Ensure appropriate and good quality budgeting, according to international standards;

· Work with the Manager of Programs of the Centre and Program/Regional Coordinator and Project officers to ensure bi-annual financial reports are submitted in accordance with contractual arrangements of programs;

· Be responsible for developing high level consolidated progress, bi-annual and annual narrative financial reports for submission to the office of the Executive Director and subsequent submission to development partners;

· Provide financial management support to the project officers and Network partners to ensure that activities are carried out in a timely way and within budget and according to national procedures and regulations;

· Support the Centre in the recruitment processes of full time staffs for programs/projects;

· Manage relationships/agreements with network members, development partners and programs/projects implementing/external partners regarding finances and administration;

· In line with existing policies and contractual requirements, develop procurement procedures, processes and plans as well as coordinate material and resources allocation, or assure that implementing network partners have appropriate procedures in place;

–  Review financial/expenditure information and adjust operational budgets to promote smooth implementation progress of programs;
–  Evaluate overall programs operational performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics for viability of Programs;
–  Ensure proper management of procurement and logistics and other administrative services for the Centre and Network;

· Ensure proper management of the administrative and contractual matters associated with the Centre/Network grants ;

4. Requirements/Qualifications

. A Master’s degree and above in business administration or relevant discipline with at least 10 years post-qualification experience.

. Proven experience as Manager of Operations or equivalent position

. Excellent organizational and leadership abilities

. Outstanding communication and people skills and networking skills

· Proven experience in successful management of donor funds.

· Proven track record managing operations for organizations executing regional or international programs involving multiple disciplines and partners from the public, civil society organization; private and non-governmental sectors in Africa.

· Well demonstrated skills and experiences in operational management of complex programs at regional and/or international levels;

· Proven experience with automated financial systems such as SAP.

. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

. Very good competence in ICT packages such as word processing, spreadsheets, database management, automated admin packages.

5. Terms of appointment

The post holder will be based at HoA-REC headquarters in Addis Ababa. The position is a one-year consultancy contract, with monthly fee package of maximum 3350 USD, renewable to a post of regular position subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funding.


Applications will be accepted up to June 30 2018, or until the position is filled, whichever is earlier. Interested applicants should submit: (a) a confidential cover letter, (b) detailed CV with names and addresses of 3 referees (including e-mail addresses, fax numbers), and (c) a statement illustrating suitability against the listed qualifications/competencies/abilities and skills.

Candidates are required to apply  through recruitment@hoarec.org

HoA-REC is an equal opportunity employer. It fosters a multicultural work environment that values gender equity, teamwork, and respect for diversity